Penis envy grow kit

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Penis Envy Grow Kit

According to reports, Terence McKenna, Steven Pollock, or both created these strong magic mushrooms based on Amazonian strains. Of course, the reason they are named Penis Envy needs no explanation. Get the best penis envy grow kit uk from our mushroom online shop. we offer the best prices and doorstep delivery worldwide with 100% guarantee

The phallus-like shape of its cap is a rare mutation of the mushroom. Due to strain selection and making this unique mushroom culture available in a mushroom grow kit, this distinctive appearance is fostered and maintained.

This strain is highly rare and somewhat mysterious because there is not much information available about it.

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Extremely Potent

Penis Envy mushrooms are significantly stronger than other cubensis strains. One of the rare strains with significantly greater concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin is The Envy.


Penis Envy Mushroom Production

Many of the Penis Envy’s mushrooms are infertile since it is a mutation of the cap. They do not make any spores at all. The penis envy spores are difficult to gather, and you will need to cultivate a lot of them to fill a vial or syringe.

Fortunately, mycelium-grown Penis Envy cultures are readily available. Spores, a wedge of mycelium, or a portion of the mushroom cap can all be used for this. The only way to get this supersayan strain to develop is in this manner.

Magic mushroom growing kit from Penis Envy

From this culture, grow kits for penis envy are produced. To flourish, they require ideal conditions. Maintain a constant temperature of 24 to 25 degrees Celsius and high humidity.

You will receive your first batch of PE mushrooms in around two weeks. They will not grow in large quantities or with many of people at once, but with a few you can go on a trip you will not soon forget. buy penis envy grow kit uk

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