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Our store is the ideal place to buy Magic Boom Bars uk. Psilocybin is buzzin’ in Magic Boom Bars. With our 3,500 mg. psilocybin mushroom Boom Bar, we made it simple for you to get your recommended monthly dose of mushrooms. Magic mushroom shop only uses the finest ingredients when creating their gourmet chocolates, and they take extreme care. We are committed to quality and consistency because their brand is aware of how crucial it is to have shroom-based items that you can rely on. There are not any foods available that taste better, in all honesty. You can also get the  1 up mushroom bar, shroom bars for sale, one up mushroom mario


A flawless 3,500 mg of top-notch psilocybin mushrooms are contained in each bar, which may be cut into six 580 mg squares with ease. You will get more energy and creativity after using our goods, and your productivity will be increased 1 up mushroom bar.

Despite the fact that we stuff the Boom Bar with magic mushrooms, it definitely does not taste like it. In order to combine delicacy with mushroom enchantment, we make the Boom Bar using the best Belgian chocolate from Callebaut. buy Magic Boom Bars uk  You have created a unique, otherworldly chocolate bar that is only available to you shroom bars for sale.

We advise consuming on an empty stomach in order to enjoy. This might aid in reducing any nausea or upset stomach that the mushrooms might produce. Start with a half square if you are new to the mushroom world and observe your reactions. One complete square will do for those who are more experienced. To observe how the chocolate works its magic, give it a half-hour to an hour before consuming more. To maintain your Boom Bar in good condition and prepared for another trip, store it in a cool, dark location one up mushroom mario.

1 review for Magic Boom Bars

  1. Miguel Higgins (verified owner)

    I’ve been a customer for few months now and I’m really satisfied with the customer service and the product, I don’t go anywhere else . I know magic mushroom store have the best quality mushrooms and chocolate bars

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