Trips Ahoy Original 600mg THC

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Strength: 600mg THC


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Buy Trips Ahoy edibles uk. Trips Ahoy cookies are available 600mg THC in Original, Chewy, and Crunchy Cookie flavors.



Cannabis Oil, Full spectrum THC, Sugar, Citric Acid, Tararic Acid, Natural Fruit Flavours

one up chocolate bar

polkadot chocolate bar

Original Hemp Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies from TRIPS AHOY! are the treat your taste buds have been craving. Each of the expertly baked and constructed Trips Ahoy Cookies has just the right amount of crunch and zing. There are a tonne of real chocolate chips in these crunchy chocolate chip biscuits. Select whether to have CBD or Delta 8 THC put into your cookies.

Trips Ahoy comes in packages of four cookies, each weighing 1,000 mg. Enjoy the familiar flavour of these traditional cookies, which are sure to become a family favourite. Add chocolate chip cookies from Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. TRIPS AHOY! to lunches at school or work to make them more interesting, or buy a pack to prepare for an event. Whatever the occasion, these hemp-infused cookies bring vitality to any straightforward treat or dessert. Buy Trips Ahoy edibles uk  This cookie package is simple to open and close for convenient storage thanks to the vacuum-sealed tab.

One (1) packet, four (4) count, of TRIPS AHOY! Original Chocolate Chip Hemp Cookies
You may select either Delta 8 THC or CBD.
Per package, 1,000 MG Of CBD Oil Or THC Oil
THC-infused snack cookies with actual chocolate chips
baked to the ideal level of crunch
Have fun on these journeys! as a reward at work, school, or home, cookies
Perfect for enjoying alone or with friends and family.
Take pleasure in these Chips Ahoy cookies at work, school, or home.
Perfect for enjoying alone or with friends and family.

1 review for Trips Ahoy Original 600mg THC

  1. Safa Carey (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase ,first was the polka dot chocolate bars which I’m extremely satisfied with thank you magic mushroom store

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