Stoney Patch Dummies EXTRA STRENGTH 500mg THC


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A favourite childhood delicacy gets an adult makeover with Stoner Patch Dummies EXTRA STRENGTH.
Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavours as the THC’s potent effects take action. Five pieces totaling 500mg of THC are included in each packet, giving adult users a powerful dose. Our store is the ideal place to buy Stoney Patch thc gummies online at the best prices. Stoney Patch for sale, stoney patch dummies 500mg

Product information

Each Stoner Patch Dummies EXTRA STRENGTH box has 500mg of THC, delivering a more potent experience.
Effects: These THC-infused gummies are intended to elicit positive emotions such as joy, relaxation, uplifting, and laughter.
Flavour: The tropical flavour that comes with these sweets for adults enhances the sensory experience as a whole.

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Storage and security:

Relish responsibly and keep out of the reach of kids.
Storage advice: Keep the product in a cool, dry area for best results.

Happy: Stoner Patch Dummies EXTRA STRENGTH’s high THC concentration seeks to elicit sensations of joy and happiness.

stoney patch dummies 500mg

An improved mood and sense of wellbeing may be felt by users.
Calm: The THC-infused gummies encourage calmness and relaxation.
Users might experience a calming impact that promotes general relaxation and stress relief.
Uplifted: The increased THC level may induce an energising and constructive state of mind.
Users might feel happier, more upbeat, and more uplifted in general.
Giggling: The THC in these gummies has a tendency to make people feel happy and lively.
Users could notice that they are quick to laugh and readily entertained.


A tasty THC-infused goodie, Stoner Patch Dummies EXTRA STRENGTH brings back fond memories.
With 500mg of THC each packet, these gummies give mature users a more potent experience.
Feelings of delight, relaxation, upliftment, and laughs can be experienced while enjoying the sweet and tangy tropical flavour.


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