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Enjoying psilocybin mushrooms with Mr. Mushies psilocybin swiss chocolates is the simplest and tastiest way to do so. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the flavor of dry magic mushrooms. There is just no more perfect combination than Mr. Mushies Swiss Chocolate and mystical shrooms. Our store is the ideal place to buy mr mushies chocolate bar at the best prices. Get Mr mushies bar for sale, mr mushies chocolate bar, mr mushies cereal milk

As you consume your mushrooms, you will be able to appreciate the delicious flavors that they have to offer. Microdosing is made easy thanks to the convenient division of the product into smaller bits. Disclaimer every bar is 4 grams, despite the fact that some of them may be branded as 3 grams

Mr mushies bar for sale

Mr. Mushies Mushroom chocolate bars are a form of chocolate that is infused with mushrooms, most often the psychedelic variety. These chocolate bars are sold under the brand name Mr. Mushies. It is common practice to sell these bars as a method to experience the effects of magic mushrooms in a manner that is less conspicuous and more handy. Milk chocolate bars made by Mr. Mushies are now available for purchase online and may be delivered to your home reliably across the United States.

mr mushies chocolate bar

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the eating of magic mushrooms is frowned upon in many regions of the world, and that the use of these bars can have severe repercussions for one’s health if they are not used in a responsible manner. Mr mushies cereal milk

In addition, the usage of psychedelics is something that should always be addressed with extreme caution and only ever be done so under the supervision of a qualified expert. You may get Mr. Mushies Mushroom Bars by shopping online.






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  1. Alastair Andrews (verified owner)

    I bet if you try this mushroom chocolate bars you’ll love it, thanks magic mushroom store for always selling the best quality product

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