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Our cannabis-infused gummy worms are prepared with a lot of care by enthusiastic chefs. And each one has a total of 400 milligrammes of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Which is divided into 10 pieces of 40 milligrammes each. Every worm goes through a three-step oil filtration process that guarantees the highest possible level of purity in every gummy that is created. Our store is the ideal place to buy medusa gummies online uk at the best prices. Get 600mg edible sour worms, medusa gummy worms for sale

600mg edible sour worms

Each component, from high-quality ingredients to 100% pure distillate, not only tastes fantastic but also provides a beneficial option for when you want to enjoy relaxation in a more covert manner. The fact that they may contribute to a stress-free evening is something that a lot of customers value, especially after a long day at work. They also have the ability to assist people who have trouble sleeping in achieving a restful and deep slumber at night.

medusa gummy worms for sale

Cannabis oil, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, wheat flour, malic acid, dextrose. Palm oil, citric acid, artificial flavour, antioxidants (ascorbic acid), and artificial colours are the ingredients in this product. buy medusa gummies online uk

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1 review for Gummy Worms | 400MG THC | Medusa Extracts

  1. Musa Singleton (verified owner)

    My product just came through but the customer service was not efficient

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