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The Chemdog and i95 strains of marijuana were crossed to create the Sativa-dominant Chem De La Chem Strain. The ultimate product is an intricate mix of flavors that includes sweet, creamy. And earthy notes that can only be found in Chem de la Chem. Our store is the ideal place to buy chem de la chem strain at the best prices. Get mushrooms strains for sale Canada today

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If you smoke this strain, you will feel a traditional head high that will assist you in concentrating on your everyday activities and getting things done. The Chem de la Chem Strain produces dense buds that are a dark green color and are covered in orange and brown hairs. Patients who use marijuana for medical purposes often prefer Chem de la Chem because of the strain’s potential to reduce pain and increase appetite.

Cerebral, euphoric, giggly, relaxing, and elevating are some of the effects of the Chem-Da-La-Che strain.

Chem de la Chem is preferred by medical marijuana users due to its capacity to both relieve pain and increase appetite. These effects provide Chem De La Chem an advantage in treating individuals with chronic weariness, depression, chronic stress, mood swings. ADD or ADHD, and chronic pain due to its extremely high 25–26% average THC level.

Effects: Uplifting, Giggling, Relaxing, and Euphoric

Anxiety, chronic pain, depression, inflammation, mood swings, and stress may be alleviated

Chemical, citrus, diesel, and sour flavors

Chemical, diesel, earthy, citrusy, pungent, and sour aromas


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