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  1. MJ

    My husband was kind of angry at me for buying from this website for the first time online and now he’s the after me to give him the website name hahaha , we ordered a couple of mushroom and chocolate bars and it came directly on time even tho customer service was a little slow

  2. ME

    Great product discreet packaging and quick delivery

  3. ZG

    Best golden teacher mushroom I ever ordered It taste different.

  4. AB

    My package come through but delivery took some time I don’t know maybe my address was mistaken

  5. NJ

    I am on my 3rd batch now from my first kit. I got about 39 mushrooms on my first batch, then 20-25 mushrooms on my second batch and now I have approximately 20 mushrooms with my 3rd batch I have them tucked in under my floating vanity unit in the bathroom right at the back. They seem to thrive with steam from the shower

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